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Darianna was born in Africa from Italian parents. Growing up in the Middle East, she acquired a taste for the colourful and exotic at an early age.   Educated in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and England, she went on to study Economics at Cambridge University. After working as an investment banker for Goldman Sachs in London, New York and Hong Kong, she left a lucrative financial career in order to pursue her love of filmmaking.

Her directorial debut, Midnight Market , won the Audience Award at the USC School of Film & Television Summer Workshop and earned her a place at the American Film Institute, from which graduated in 1998 with an MFA in Film Editing.

Working in Los Angeles as a documentary film-maker, her editing credits include several TV series and specials which have aired on A&E, AMC, the Biography Channel, the History Channel, as well as independent theatrical releases:

•  Hollywood Home Movies , a two-hour special on the history of Hollywood told through the home movies of the stars

•  The Ten Commandments Remembered , an insider's look at the making of Cecil B. DeMille's epic

•  JRR Tolkien; Creator of Middle Earth for "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship" DVD

•  Hitchcock and the Fashions of Fear , Studio Style Wars and Hollywood 101 for AMC's Hollywood Fashion Machine Series

•  Real Life Private Investigators , an investigative series on cases pursued by investigators across the US

•  Tweeked, Geeked and Freaked: On the road with The Crystal Method

•  Features Hollywood 5 , Hammerlock and Frozen Stars

•  Tributes to Ang Lee , Michael Caine and Omar Sharif for successive AFI Film Festivals and FIND's Independent Spirit Award to George Clooney

The award-winning documentary she directed, It Takes Two , played at numerous festivals around the world. She is currently at work on Down There , a documentary on the dark side of vanity (www.downtherefilm.com).

In addition to Italian and 'Queen's' English, she also speaks French and Spanish fluently and has been an interpreter for the American Cinematheque and the Sundance Film Festival. She is also a regular contributor to International Documentary Magazine. When not in front of an editing system, nor behind a camera, her hobbies include figurative and plein-air painting, tango and horseriding.


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